Engine Instruments

NSN Number Part Name Federal Supply Class Part Numbers Details
6620-00-001-1398 STARTER AND SHAFT ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 1493959-0001 View Part Details
6620-00-003-1295 ELECTRI POWER UNIT Engine Instruments 2-1842-1, 3L6649 View Part Details
6620-00-003-2020 ENGINE TEMPERATURE INDICATOR Engine Instruments 311HH View Part Details
6620-00-003-9769 RATE OF FLOW INDICATOR Engine Instruments EFU-26/A-8, MIL-I-83026, 8DJ142LWS4 View Part Details
6620-00-003-9771 RATE OF FLOW INDICATOR Engine Instruments EFU-26/A-13, MIL-I-83026, 8DJ142LXF4 View Part Details
6620-00-004-1277 DAMPER PLUG ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments ANN2706A, GP525AF2 View Part Details
6620-00-004-1372 PLATE ASSY Engine Instruments 1498502-0001 View Part Details
6620-00-004-1373 PLATE ASSY Engine Instruments 1498500-0003 View Part Details
6620-00-004-1374 BALANCE WHEEL Engine Instruments 1490671-0001, 1490671-0001 View Part Details
6620-00-004-5466 RATE OF FLOW TRANSMITTER Engine Instruments MIL-T-83027, TRU-98/A-7, 8TJ85GHX2 View Part Details
6620-00-005-4879 PRESSURE INDICATOR Engine Instruments GG0533, 04306-3018, 30554-69-576-2, 505-BD, 6461516, 6620000054879, 69-576-2 View Part Details
6620-00-005-5624 COVER GLASS Engine Instruments 1492266-0001 View Part Details
6620-00-005-8610 RATE OF FLOW TRANSMITTER Engine Instruments TRU31AA1, TR131AA1, 8TJ64GBZ2 View Part Details
6620-00-005-8611 TRANSMITTER HOUSING Engine Instruments 9850157G003 View Part Details
6620-00-005-8612 COVER AND ADAPTER Engine Instruments 9850047G008 View Part Details
6620-00-006-1915 ELECTRICAL TACHOMETER INDICATOR Engine Instruments 2-940-1, 4L1431 View Part Details
6620-00-006-6418 DIAL PRESSURE GAGE Engine Instruments 14128, 21693, 47436 View Part Details
6620-00-008-0213 TRANSMITTER STRUT ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 8066W14G700 View Part Details
6620-00-008-3280 BUSHING AND SHAFT A Engine Instruments 1486711-0003 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0899 TURBINE ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 8762K72G701 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0900 IMPELLER ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 4439K70G703 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0901 HUB AND SPRING ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 4391K71G710 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0902 HUB AND SPRING ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 4391K71G711 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0903 SPRING RETAINER Engine Instruments 6219W17P001 View Part Details
6620-00-009-0904 TRANSMITTER SHELL ASSEMBLY Engine Instruments 7540K72G703 View Part Details
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