Valves, Nonpowered

NSN Number Part Name Federal Supply Class Part Numbers Details
4820-00-001-0010 SELECTOR ROTARY VALVE Valves, Nonpowered D10004-42, 8171B1-4HS2, 8171E-1/4HS2, 8171E1-4HS2 View Part Details
4820-00-001-0024 VALVE DISK Valves, Nonpowered 16577 FIND 10, 80881PC6, 81535, 81535H View Part Details
4820-00-001-0037 SAFETY RELIEF VALVE Valves, Nonpowered D559A3M2 View Part Details
4820-00-001-1642 GLOBE VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 1936FFG1-4 View Part Details
4820-00-001-1673 PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE RELIEF VALVE Valves, Nonpowered A51E9005-3, A51E9005-3, 898246-3-1, 898246-3-1 View Part Details
4820-00-001-1699 CHECK VALVE Valves, Nonpowered HS63, 379218 View Part Details
4820-00-001-2371 FLUID VALVE STEM Valves, Nonpowered 200295 View Part Details
4820-00-001-3380 ANGLE VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 022-00759-000, 22-759 View Part Details
4820-00-001-3388 VALVE CAGE Valves, Nonpowered 5228916, 5228916, 5234928, 5234928 View Part Details
4820-00-001-3653 CHECK VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 5384101 View Part Details
4820-00-001-4300 VALVE SEAT Valves, Nonpowered V3041DLRN, V3907 PIECE 4, V6830PC4DLRN, 101-8026, 20-06830PC4DLRN View Part Details
4820-00-001-5191 PLUG VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 1625089-1 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6139 FLOW CONTROL VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 840038, 840038 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6158 VALVE ASSEMBLY Valves, Nonpowered 113-75, 113-75 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6159 CHECK VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 2C8140-4 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6181 VALVE PISTON Valves, Nonpowered V-281, 206A, 206B View Part Details
4820-00-001-6202 FLUID PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE Valves, Nonpowered B9690044S, 1PD11F2-9S, 636-1-8302 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6203 FLUID PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 1301F, 636-0-8303, 636-1-8303 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6204 FLUID PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 1LL22F3-40S, 2404-004 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6209 GLOBE VALVE Valves, Nonpowered 100 1-2, 372007-02 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6245 VALVE DISK Valves, Nonpowered MA1044 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6249 VALVE CAP Valves, Nonpowered D37072, 635717, 635717, 635717 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6553 SAFETY RELIEF VALVE Valves, Nonpowered A51K56028-1, A51K56028-1 View Part Details
4820-00-001-6805 GLOBE VALVE Valves, Nonpowered PV51-12-43, V51-12-43 View Part Details
4820-00-001-7749 COMPRESSED GAS REGULATOR Valves, Nonpowered E11-F-N115G CGA580, E11-F-N1156, RHT8016, RHT8016SP, VTS200B973, 0781-3508, 0781-6043, 11508529, 1552AS186, 1552AS186-1, 96-50-580 View Part Details
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