Abrasive Materials

NSN Number Part Name Federal Supply Class Part Numbers Details
5350-00-012-1869 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials AMS2431 AGB-18, BLAST-O-LITE, MIL-G-9954, MIL-G-9954 SZ8, MIL-PRF-9954, POTTERS INDUSTRIES MIL 8 View Part Details
5350-00-015-1533 LAPPING AND GRINDING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials LEV-10/15M-10Z View Part Details
5350-00-015-1612 LAPPING AND GRINDING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials 38-1200 WS LAPPING COMPOUND (WA-, 38-1200-3 View Part Details
5350-00-025-7935 ABRASIVE CLOTH Abrasive Materials A-A-1048, B74.18, 11578467-3 View Part Details
5350-00-027-3026 ABRASIVE PAPER Abrasive Materials P-P-121, P-P-121 CL2 View Part Details
5350-00-045-3490 BUFFING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials 6B72 View Part Details
5350-00-050-1094 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials A-A-1722, CARB0BLAST, MIL-G-5634, MIL-G-5634 TY2, SHELLBLASTAD3B, TURCO CARBOBLAST, 21-0220634 View Part Details
5350-00-059-4854 ABRASIVE COMPOUND Abrasive Materials GSA-1000-8OZ View Part Details
5350-00-067-7639 ABRASIVE PAPER Abrasive Materials ANSI B74.18, 00051141278483, 00835, 02347, 051144-02347, 60440231953 View Part Details
5350-00-067-7640 ABRASIVE PAPER Abrasive Materials 2342, 2342 View Part Details
5350-00-084-2770 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials PMC3083, PMC3083, PWDE View Part Details
5350-00-089-9378 ABRASIVE CLOTH Abrasive Materials SCC446196-1 View Part Details
5350-00-096-7815 ABRASIVE PAPER Abrasive Materials ANSI B74.18, 051144-02139 View Part Details
5350-00-103-1862 LAPPING AND GRINDING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials GRADEE View Part Details
5350-00-105-2250 ABRASIVE PAPER Abrasive Materials 23079 View Part Details
5350-00-107-1284 STEEL GRIT Abrasive Materials A-A-1041, A-A-1041 GRBSZ80, AMS2431, J1993, J1993, MIL-S-851, MIL-S-851 TY1SZ80, SAE-J1993, SAE-J1993, SAE-J1993 HCS G80S View Part Details
5350-00-110-2981 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials AMS2431, BLAST-O-LITE MIL 10, MIL-G-9954, MIL-G-9954 A GLASS SPHERES, MIL-G-9954 SZ10, MIL-G-9954A GLASS SPHERES, MIL-PRF-9954, MIL-PRF-9954 (SZ10), 80112MIL View Part Details
5350-00-111-4237 ABRASIVE CLOTH Abrasive Materials A-A-1048A, ANSI B74.18, P-C-451, P-C-451 TY1CL2 View Part Details
5350-00-115-3297 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials AD9B, MIL-G-5634, MIL-G-5634 TY6 View Part Details
5350-00-127-4683 LAPPING AND GRINDING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials 3A1LB View Part Details
5350-00-141-4487 OPTICAL GLASS POLISHING ABRASIVE Abrasive Materials MILP3237 View Part Details
5350-00-144-4752 ABRASIVE GRAIN Abrasive Materials AMS2431 AGB-9, MIL-G-9954, MIL-G-9954 SZ11, MIL-G-9954A GLASS SPHERES, MIL-G-9954A GLASS SPHERES, MIL-PRF-9954B, MIN-PRF-9954B SZ11, MSML View Part Details
5350-00-151-5600 LAPPING AND GRINDING COMPOUND Abrasive Materials 1800, 1800 View Part Details
5350-00-161-9033 TECHNICAL PUMICE Abrasive Materials MFG1435-77, PSS-FFF, SS-P-821, SS-P-821 GRFFF View Part Details
5350-00-161-9034 TECHNICAL PUMICE Abrasive Materials SS-P-821, SS-P-821 GRFFF, 5350-00-161-9034 View Part Details
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